"Providing solutions for plumbing, heating and gas services throughout the North East of England."


The business is the brainchild of Christopher Matson.

After completing the 4 year apprenticeship in Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering in 2001, Chris remained at Kielder plumbing and heating,  until sadly they went into liquidation back in 2007.
At the time of joining Kielder, he was one of the very first employee's as it was still a growing company, of approx 4 employees.
At the time of the unfortunate dissolve of Kielder, other than the final management, Chris was the last employee to part with the company which had amassed over 40 employees.

From there, he was asked to finish off a development previously contracted to Kielder, while working directly under the main construction company.

"My time with Both Kielder and Cussins was thoroughly enjoyed and at times could be a little challenging which ultimately helps to get me where i am going."

Within the first two months of Kielder's diminishing, he was head hunted and approached by a further 4 local companies, all trying to get in on the contract he had been awarded, purely by recognition of  his quality of standards.

However, being as loyal as he is, he remained with Cussins to see out the development.

It was towards the end of the development when another offer of employment cropped up.
This one was accepted.

Bartram Walker, became his new workplace.

Chris remained here, undertaking many projects and developments within varying roles, from general maintenance works to management liasons, managing expectations at all levels.

In 2008 as the credit crunch started to bite hard into the construction industry, Chris left Bartram Walker and set himself up as self employed.

While sub-contracting to bigger companies looking for the highest quality workmanship from outside sources since setting up as self employed, "Matsons" was decided as a branding for the business.


As a family run business, we pride ourselves on providing the most personal, reliable and professional service at the most competitive rate.


"We know, once you use Matsons, you're already a lifetime customer"

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